DotFam NetHome 2017

The project was born in 2006 with the aim of creating a top level domain DOTFAM and the application of new technologies for the family. The domain was acquired by an american company (Donuts Inc.), in 2013.


Currently, our project is focussed on the development of a Cloud Platform for family management: NetHome Do you want to see our video?


We have more goals for the future focussing on the safe use of internet technology by children. For example, we are studying the possibility of smartphones for children, as well as other apps to enable safe communication over the net by children.


We all have a common interest in using new technologies to enable families to be more organized in all areas such as finance, cooking, health, child safety, multi-tasking effectively, etc. We hope that the use of the technologies now available on the net will enable all families to live less stressful lives which in turn  will create a more harmonious environment where  children can develop to their full potential.


There are many applications to help you be effective managing your home but so far nobody has thought about integrating them into a single platform.

The platform NetHome is based on Google Cloud Platform technology which runs web applications and allows you to interact. NetHome will allow a simple synchronization with those that you find useful. You decide which apps to incorporate in your virtual home.

We are developing apps and platforms which will be for families and for the exclusive use of children and we are studying how to make them secure, safe and fun.

We are also aiming to make parents aware of the need to be actively involved in making sure that their children have access only to safe content and we are aware that there is an urgent need to provide this safe content and the technology to protect children when accessing to Internet.

We are preparing a project for crowdfunding. We will keep you posted.

Dotfam NetHome: Everyone wins. Better family communication. Better quality of life.