Done! Families now have their own Internet domain

The American company, Bitter Galley, a subsidiary of Donuts Inc., is the current owner of the .FAMILY domain.

Donuts Inc, a recently formed entity, was created to manage high level Internet domains. DotFam extends our warmest congratulations to Donuts Inc.! Click here to pre-register.

What they have done is formalize the presence of the family online, at the same high level as businesses, countries, organizations, etc.

Dominios sociedad


What stratetic objectives does Donuts Inc. have for .FAMILY?

We will find out as time goes by.   From our end, DotFam wants to gather and publish the ideas that we have been developing over the years to apply them to new technologies for families to use.

Various companies have invested millions in pursuit of the .FAMILY domain. An auction was held to determine the winner, with the following companies bidding:

  • Google Charleston Road_Registry Inc. US

  • Bitter Galley, LLC US

  • Uniregistry, Corp. KY

Nine years have passed since that August night when my friend Paz Ugalde and I were talking about the future and our plans.

When I told her about my idea to design a portal- accessible via a mobile phone- so that every family could have access to different Internet services- she made the million dollar statement- “What you want to do is a .Fam.

That night I stayed awake turning over what Paz had said in my mind- when all of a sudden, it came to me: www.molinaleon.fam

And that was the key! Each family will interact with the other domains from its own private web space, and in doing so everyone will benefit. Everyone told us- You’re crazy! But… here we are!

Now the best is about to begin!